Our mission is to be a one-stop destination for all intimate & practical needs of women & girls going through the beautiful journey of womanhood. We strive towards bringing her stylish, affordable & innovative products that are comfortable & practical.


While you wear the beautiful creations brought to you by Staylo, you will be happy to know that your outfit has supported the livelihood of women from small towns and villages of India. Our factories train and employ women from small towns and generate employment.


Innovating for 10 years now and going stronger

Started in the year 2007 by  (Staylo.in) ,Staylo is the most innovative brand of inner wear in India. Being the first to innovate on multiple products like period panties, starter bras, incontinence underwear, hygiene panties and more, Staylo has taken a special place in the girl’s journey through womanhood. 


Here are our sister brands. Each brand as innovative is as the other in helping children, women and the elderly.

Staylo.in – Staylo wear brand with multiple innovations for the comfort of moms-to-be & new moms.


Being a woman entrepreneur, I am inspired by women across all socio economic and global backgrounds. My brands, products, innovations and invention are all a result of my interest in improving quality of life for girls, women and people with vulnerabilities. My social project HowToTellYourChild.com aims towards prevention of child sexual abuse across the world. Do check out the project and join me in this Staylo.